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By: Katrina Kill

Almost always, the answer to this question is an emphatic YES!

While there certainly are some injuries that do require rest, nearly everyone who suffers from back pain would benefit from Pilates. That doesn’t mean that every class offered is appropriate for back pain sufferers; the best and most effective way to help with back pain is to see an instructor one-on-one.

Certified Pilates instructors have training and experience to help navigate the things that will not only NOT aggravate your back, but can choose exercises that will help lessen your pain. Once you’ve been working with an instructor for some time, the instructor will easily be able to tell you which classes would be appropriate for you to join. Your instructor(s) will also give you the tools to modify yourself properly in group classes to prevent further discomfort. 

East Street Pilates offers a class that specifically targets the common causes of back pain! The class runs on Thursday mornings at 9:30 and we call it “Butts and Guts”, because weak gluteal and abdominal muscles are common causes of back pain. This is a great class for anyone that has moderate back pain. The exercises used in the Butts and Guts class will target weak abdominal muscles, weak gluteal muscles, strengthen any inner and outer thigh weaknesses, stretch and loosen tight hamstrings, and will take clients deeper into their Pilates practice. Being able to identify your transverse abdominus (your internal girdle), pelvic floor, and finding your true “neutral spine” will change your Pilates practice, and even better, it will be a game changer for your back pain!  


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