"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
-Joseph H. Pilates

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Day

There are few people who jump out of bed wide-awake, refreshed and in a good mood. But even your typical morning person can learn something from these physical and organisational tips. A healthy morning – every morning – is just around the corner with these smart ways to kickstart your day.

1: Drink some water. Immediately!

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Some people can’t function without their morning cup of Joe. But what you really need after 8 hours of sleep, is water. Your body gets dehydrated during the night (especially if you tend to sleep with your mouth open) and you’ll feel better the sooner you gulp down some H2O. So why wait until you’re up and running? Make sure to keep a bottle of water next to your bed so you can replenish your fluids right away. It will make your grogginess disappear more quickly, and it also helps to wash away your morning breath before even brushing your teeth.

2: Brighten your day with natural light

I know it’s tempting make your bedroom as dark as possible – especially if you live in the city. Pitch-dark might help you to fall asleep faster, but in the morning it’s all but beneficial. Natural or white light is what helps us get up at the break of day, and shutting it all out will leave you sleepy for a longer period of time. Instead choose for a pair of light curtains, so you’ll receive more daylight in the morning without trading in your privacy. If you’re unwilling to compromise on your curtains, consider investing in an alarm-clock which mimics daybreak*.

* The Philips wake-up light for example is designed to wake you up slowly and peacefully. You can program it to slowly brighten up your room, even before the alarm goes off. On a personal note; I love the bird noises that gradually increase in volume. It’s very peaceful and unobtrusive!

3: Don’t skip breakfast

Recently I read an article about how many people still skip breakfast. I am ashamed to admit I was part of that percentage not too long ago. At some point I got so used to this unhealthy routine that getting food in my stomach every morning became a major pain. But with gradual effort I eventually got my eating habits back on track, reaping advantages like an increase in energy, better concentration and even a good bit of weight loss. There really aren’t any advantages you gain from not having your first meal within an hour after waking up, so don’t sell yourself short by destroying your metabolism.

4: Program your alarm-clock a little earlier

Don’t be grateful to the man who invented the snooze-button. 15 or even 30 minutes of sleep won’t change how rested you feel in the morning after having slept all night. Instead, dozing on and off will make you feel more tired and grumpy. So choose to use that time to get out of bed a little earlier. Do a bit of stretching, a bit of light reading, extend your morning shower or listen to some uplifting music. Don’t use this time to do work you should have done the day before. Instead use this time to allow your mind to wake up, kindly and slowly. 

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5: Prepare your morning in advance

You’ll have a better morning and a better night’s rest if you don’t have to worry about the list of chores that’s waiting for you before you have to rush off. A little preparation in the evening will make your mornings that much easier. So make sure you pack your bag for work, and put it in a clearly visible spot. Lay out next day’s outfit so you won’t have to figure out what to wear while your eyes are barely open. If possible, prepare your breakfast* and your lunch. An easy morning is less stressful and will provide a better base for a happy and fulfilling day.

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