"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
-Joseph H. Pilates

By: Gretchen Moraw

Private Pilates lessons are wonderful for enhancing strength and flexibility for athletes in a variety of sports. The strength and flexibility Pilates provides can enhance an athlete's performance and keep them safe from injuries, giving any athlete a strong foundation on which to be successful and injury free in their athletic pursuits.

Dancers benefit from Pilates because it is an excellent way to continue working on turnouts, core strength, and flexibility. Runners can gain stamina and endurance from doing Pilates on a regular basis. Even weightlifters and cross-fitters should consider adding Pilates into their weekly routine because it complements and balances the strain on the body that the sport may cause. Pilates is beneficial to so many different types of athletes; from famous football players like Antonio Brown to Olympic athletes such as swimmer Missy Franklin. Pilates is truly for everyone.

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These days, serious athletes practice more hours than ever before, putting them at a higher risk for overuse injuries. But adding Pilates to your training schedule can be the key to balancing your body and gaining longevity as a competitive athlete. Private Pilates lessons offer a complementary and supportive workout regimen, tailored to your specific sport(s).

There are three main reasons that athletes choose to add Pilates to their regular routine:

  1. Pilates creates a whole-body workout that is always a challenge: It takes your workouts to a new level; connecting your brain to the micro-muscles that might not be utilized as often. It doesn't matter how "in shape" you are, you will leave a Pilates class feeling like you have accomplished something new and different. But you also can do Pilates if you are a brand new participant in an exercise routine. Things you can expect in a Pilates class: footwork, lower body work, abdominals (core work) including obliques, upper body training and complete coordination of the body. 
  2. Pilates builds flexibility and strength. While taking Pilates, you are not only building strength, you are also keeping limber, flexible muscles. This is a key area that is often over looked in other types of exercise programs. Adding strength along with flexibility helps athletes perform on any field, court, hill, course or pool they may be competing in/on.
  3. Pilates will help you avoid injury or bounce back quicker after a minor injury. With the addition of flexibility through specific low-impact Pilates movements, athletes feel more confident in their abilities and gain longevity in their sport. Whether you are a young athlete hoping to take your sport to the next level, or a weekend golfer that wants to be able to continue for many years to come...Pilates is a must!

    A well-trained Pilates instructor has the knowledge to evaluate each specific athlete's needs, and with all the variety and apparatuses Pilates has to offer, we have the tools and equipment to create a customized work out specifically for you. Now is the time to invest in YOU. East Street Pilates has some of the best trained instructors in the area ready to work one-on-one during personal training sessions to help you meet your goals. Call the studio to schedule your first session and change your game!  248-608-3221


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