Playing a round of golf may not be overly taxing on your body when compared to a game of basketball, football, or hockey. However, one may be surprised at the amount of strain a golfer endures on the body during each and every round played.

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With each drive and swing a golfer executes during a round of golf, there is opportunity for strain, overuse of muscles or even an injury…and the more golf mileage you add on, the higher the risk. Rapid rotational torso twisting can create some fairly significant openings for soreness and even injury. Add in the fact that as one matures and has more chances to golf more often, that potential goes up even more.

Many golfers are uncertain as to how they should prepare for their season of golf. Have you ever heard a golfer say “I don’t lift weights during golf season, it will mess up my swing”? The question is, are you willing to make you golf game more consistent? Are you interested in an exercise regimen that will help your game, and not hinder it? Do you want the stamina to have the option of playing 36 holes without next-day back soreness? The answer is very simple…Pilates. Simply adding Pilates into your life will create a safer and stronger game of golf for years to come.

Often Pilates is seen as a “girls exercise” and it may be uncomfortable for men to take the first step into a Pilates studio. The private atmosphere at East Street Pilates, and the customized small classes we provide make your entry into Pilate far less intimidating. After just one class you will not consider Pilates “girly” anymore. Choose private lessons, semi-private lessons or even call to schedule a small group class. It is proven that this is a way to improve your score and comfort while on the course.

Golf starts with proper posture. Pilates is hyper alert to proper spine alignment, which immediately decreases the strain on the back and lessens lower back pain. This will make your swing more precise and your game will become more accurate. Good posture will affect how your shoulders and wrists respond to your swing as well, which means that your swing will become easier, more powerful and precise.

Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam are two well-known PGA professionals that are huge advocates of Pilates for golf. Pilates naturally works on strength, stability, and mobility. It truly should be named the exercise for golfers. Do you want to be more accurate? Do you want to hit the ball farther? Are you interested in increasing your success with the game of golf? Call East Street Pilates (248.608.3221) today to improve your golf game this year.

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