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"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
-Joseph H. Pilates

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The Staff at East Street Pilates


Cara Krupa

Cara Krupa is a STOTT certified Pilates Instructor and owner of East Street Pilates. She first came to Pilates in 1996 and loved it immediately after seeing the changes it made to her own level of fitness and health.

Cara has studied Pilates at highly acclaimed training centers in Philadelphia, Toronto, and, locally, in West Bloomfield. Her studies included specialized training in prenatal and postnatal Pilates, rehabilitative Pilates and specific programs for athletes and dancers. Cara is a graduate of Central Michigan University and has been teaching Pilates in Rochester since 2002. Her classes include work on the Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Stability Chair, mat and reformer, and incorporate use of the fitball, toning balls, therabands, fitness circle and foam roller.

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Gretchen Moraw

Gretchen realized her passion for health and fitness at a young age, as part of the Bowling Green State University Gymnastics team. After receiving her bachelors degree from BGSU she went on to become a gymnastics and group fitness intructor. After being trained in Pilates in 2000, she really found her niche. Gretchen enjoys teaching students about body awareness, strength and flexibility while incorporating the fitball, toning bands, fitness circle and foam rollers into her classes.

Katrina Kill

After graduating from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor's Degree in Business, Katrina never imagined her life in the health and fitness field. That all changed when Pilates became a part of her life. However, when first introduced to Pilates, she wasn't totally sold. After a few months, when the changes in her body became apparent, she was hooked. These changes included not only a slimmer waist line, but also more strength throughout her body, her neck and back pain disappeared, a reduction in stress, and a more positive attitude about fitness and health. "Before Pilates I thought of exercise as something you had to do, not something to enjoy. But I started looking forward to my weekly appointments so much I start going three to five times a week!  The hour spent focusing your mind on just your body had an incredible effect on my life. Pilates has made me really take to heart my own physical fitness and health in a way I had never anticipated." Katrina continued as a client for a while until her Pilates instructor encouraged her to start the training in Bloomfield Hills, at the only Stott training facility in Michigan. Now as Level One Stott Pilates certified instructor, Katrina loves to challenge her clients and help them become more in tuned to their bodies. She especially loves seeing the difference Pilates makes in the lives of her clients.  Whether you're 18 or 85, a man or a woman, a size 2 or 32, Pilates can benefit you!

Janine Handzinski


Janine is a STOTT Pilates trained instructor as well as a professional dancer in a locally-based modern company.  She developed an interest in movement at an early age and attributes her improved balance in dance to the core strengthening she has received from Pilates.  She would love to show you why she believes that Pilates is the perfect combination of movement and fitness.



Brian Krupa

Brian is a TRX Certified Instructor with years of training experience. He’s an accomplished athlete and United States Navy veteran. Brian believes in pushing his clients to their maximum potential while designing workouts suited for each individual’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses.


Gina Gojcaj

Gina Gojcaj, our front desk manager, is a Pilates enthusiast and thrives to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. As she finishes her bachelors degree in Business Management at Walsh College, she enjoys learning, first hand, the inner workings and day-to-day tasks of running a successful, uplifting, and respected business.

Staci Brodeur

Staci Brodeur is a lifelong fitness teacher. She started teaching aerobics in the 1980’s and has stayed current in fitness throughout her extensive career. She is an ACE Gold Certified Group Exercise instructor. In the 1990’s she took her first mat Pilates certification and was hooked. In 2004 she began her Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification journey; she is a Peak Master Trainer for both equipment and mat. She is also a Bodyblade Master Trainer. Staci is hooked on how Pilates changes the body and improves quality of life for ALL. Her group classes strive to challenge the most fit while including those trying to master form or who have limitations or injuries. One on one, she strives to find the best exercises to challenge unhealthy movement patterns and improve overall function and fitness.


Megan Fuller 

Megan is a Stott certified Pilates instructor hailing from Detroit Pilates Studio, located in the heart of the financial district. She instructed there for two years and studied under the direction of Brenda Freeman, adding a classical layer to her repertoire. Megan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University and first learned about Pilates in a movement class. The class focused on strength, agility and body awareness and utilized the Pilates regimen to enforce principles of controlled movement. Being exposed to Pilates gave Megan a deeper appreciation for physical aptitude, and she decided upon graduation to deepen her understanding of how the body moves. Through studying, teaching and practicing Pilates she has gained a newfound respect for the process; always reminding her clients as well as herself that Pilates is a journey and not a destination. Megan’s approach to teaching is both receptive and challenging as she guides you through your own journey.

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