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"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
-Joseph H. Pilates



Cara and her team are professional, attentive, and effective.  I have always been a physically active person. However, I have struggled with flexibility to the point of incurring injuries. After years of running and going to the gym with no significant change to my physique, I started Pilates on the recommendation of a friend. Since starting with  East Street, I am stronger, leaner (lost 20 lbs.), and more agile-with lower impact exercise and less time commitment. Pilates is an essential part of my weekly routine and life.

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I need to share my love and appreciation for Cara Krupa and her studio, East Street Pilates. I have been a client of Cara’s for almost 4 years. I began working with her after running a half marathon. I had tried Pilates before, but had not found an instructor that could make my fickle personality happy. Cara delivered. She has helped me through a few surgeries and injures. She and her team are able to customize your workout to meet your fitness goals, as well as conform to your current fitness level. In addition to getting my body to achieve a strong fitness level, she has helped me improve my body confidence. I think this is the most valuable aspect of working with her. She motivates, encourages, and challenges you like no other fitness professional will. If you are interested in Pilates or are already an experienced Pilates enthusiast, I encourage you to look into East Street Pilates and the owner, Cara Krupa. You will not be disappointed. As Cara says, Pilates does cure everything.

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I honestly don't know where to start when it comes to my experience with Cara Krupa and her HIGHLY talented staff at East Street Pilates.

I'd been working out at home with the BowFlex for the past 14 years. Honestly, I was getting bored and was looking for something that would get me out of the house and NOT BE A GYM.. I've always been interested in Pilates, so after researching local Pilates Studios, I decided to email East Street Pilates regarding their Intro Package for 1 Private Session, 1 Reformer Class and 1 Group Session. Within minutes, I had a response from the owner, Cara Krupa. In January of 2016, at the age of 42, I had my first private session with Cara.

When I walked in, the studio was pretty busy, but I never felt “judged” by the other women that were there finishing up their workouts. In fact, it was such a friendly and inviting environment! After my first session, I was 100% hooked. When they say “In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body,” it’s honestly the truth. As a woman who suffers from Depression and ADHD, I noticed such a difference, mentally and emotionally, within the first couple of sessions. Then came the physical changes in my body, and it was mind blowing. One year later and counting (-20lbs ) with Cara, going at LEAST once a week, sometimes twice, I'm a completely different woman than I was a year ago, and that is because of Cara Krupa and East Street Pilates. Cara continues to push me, but knows when I have a hard time focusing and will adjust my workout. I'm incredibly proud of my body and what I've been able to accomplish mentally and physically. I definitely walk taller and have more confidence than I've ever had.

Just an added bonus - the women that work out there and the staff at East Street Pilates encourage one another; complimenting on each other’s hard work. In a nutshell, East Street Pilates and Cara Krupa have totally changed me; physically, mentally and emotionally.



About 3 years ago, my sister-in-law invited me to join her Reformer class at East Street Pilates. At first I was hesitant as I had previously only done at-home Pilates Mat DVDs and had never actually been to a studio or worked on a reformer. I was nervous about trying something new and about being in an environment where I thought everyone was going to be a “pro” at Pilates. To my surprise, that was not the energy of the studio at all. The instructors were very welcoming and I noticed that not everyone was at the same level of fitness. The Reformer classes are four people or smaller which enables the instructor to be very accommodating to each person. They are able to tailor the workout as much as possible so that you are still challenged but able to stay within your own capabilities and I never thought I would receive that in a group Reformer class. All of the instructors also take the time to make sure you are in proper form and really educate you so that you become more confident in the movements. Within the first couple of sessions at the studio I was completely hooked. I started attending one class a week, then two and now I’m up to three times a week; a combo of Jumpboard and Reformer.


Previously I had always worked out in a gym, doing cardio and weightlifting, and have even hired a personal trainer. When I first began incorporating Pilates into my routine, my personal trainer even noticed a difference in my overall posture, balance, and strength. The work I was doing in Pilates helped me to perform better and enhanced the sessions with my trainer. Although my results with the personal trainer were good, I eventually gave up the trainer and left the gym, as I was beginning to get “bulky” muscles which is not was I was aiming for; I wanted long, lean, toned muscles especially in my arms and legs. After 3 years of attending Cara’s classes, I now get compliments on the muscle tone in my arms and not just from my peers in class, but from friends, family, and co-workers. I also notice a vast improvement in my overall flexibility, balance, and core strength. My legs and core are stronger than they have ever been and I have Cara and the team at East Street Pilates to thank. By far the greatest benefit I get from Pilates is the “inner zip” I feel in my stomach/core after a session on the reformer. To this day when I’m on vacation or traveling and away from the studio, I try to get that same tightness by doing core exercises like planks, sit-ups, etc, but nothing works except Pilates. As soon as I have one session after a long break, I sit taller, stand taller, and I swear my stomach loses at least an inch!


The other added benefit of attending group classes are the great people I’ve met and the friends that I have made. The best part about the Reformer classes is that we usually end up laughing and conversing for the majority of class and before you know it, you’ve had a great workout and the hour has literally flown by. I always look forward to my Pilates classes and truly believe that the cost is well worth the results. I can honestly say that Pilates is now part of my lifestyle forever.


After a year of doing Pilates with Cara Krupa, I feel great! I've lost 15 lbs. and I'm actually starting to see muscle tone and definition, which to me is amazing at 58 years old. I attribute my results to Cara, she's an incredible instructor!
I've been taking both Cara's Group Reformer and Jumpboard classes twice weekly for the past year. They're both great workouts that rigorously focus on varying muscle groups. The Reformer class has noticeably improved my overall strength and flexibility. The Jumpboard class is a fantastic cardio, strengthening, toning workout that targets my abs, legs, arms and endurance like no other exercise regimen I've ever done!
An unexpected benefit from participating in Group classes has been that it's really encouraged me to "try harder." There are several clients in the classes that are more seasoned and fit than I am. They make the exercises and reps required seem relatively easy, whereas, I still struggle and strain due to my lack of strength, flexibility, coordination and, dare I say, my "age." However, being in exercise classes with more fit and capable clients has really challenged me and over time I've been pleasantly surprised and encouraged with my progress. Another unexpected benefit I've found from the Pilates classes, is what I call the "Zen Mode." For me, the exercises require a lot of focus and concentration, which I find to be both mentally challenging and relaxing during that hour.
I've still got a long way to go to get and stay fit, but Pilates has finally become a welcomed part of my lifestyle. I'm truly grateful to Cara for her guidance, level of expertise and outstanding instruction methods.


I started doing Pilates almost 3 years ago. At first I was hesitant to try Pilates because it seemed to be a workout that was not what we are all used to (running on a treadmill, lifting weights, etc). Throughout my early childhood and teenage years I was very active in sports such as gymnastics and running. Due to the physical activity I did as a child I have put a lot of strain on my joints and as I get older I have found that the pain I feel in my joints became too much for me to do a traditional workout. As I was experiencing more pain, I went to my doctor, who then sent me to a neurologist to check for nerve damage. She did extensive tests and MRIs and found that there was no nerve damage but because running and weight training in combination with the activities from my younger years had taken a toll on my body, she recommended that I take Pilates to ease my pain. In my head I was thinking "great, how is that going to help me? How will I stay in shape?" So I spoke to Cara Krupa at East Street Pilates about my issues and we started my "new" workout routine. In the beginning, maybe because of my background in gymnastics, I felt like this was way too simple for a workout. But after the 3rd session, I started to feel the results...The pain in my joints was easing, and I even started getting more energy throughout my long work days. I then started to count my sessions to compare my experience with Joseph Pilates’ philosophy of "After 10 sessions you will feel different. After 20 sessions you will look different. After 30 sessions you will have a new body." I stayed pretty regular in my sessions averaging at least 3 times a week. I found that as my sessions continued that this philosophy was more than accurate. I was blown away by how great I felt...no pain anymore, my energy level was at its all time high, and last but not least, my body had definition that I never thought it would ever had...even after having 2 kids. With my experience in editorial photo shoots, I watch photographers "photoshop" these images and I couldn’t help but realize..
Pilates is real life photoshop. Who needs a photographer to get rid of any imperfections just for one image?..Pilates can do that and you can walk around looking like you were photoshopped!! Doesn't get any better.

I no longer enter a gym to do any cardio and/or weight training. The only place I will enter for my physical and mental well being is a Pilates studio.

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